The strongest trunks of Lignator sprouted already in the last century. The entrepreneurial core team of Lignator that met in 1995 to start cooperation consisted of knowledge about wood, export experiences and commitment.

We have today become a ripe and experienced timber company, who has helped export hundreds of local loggers and wood companies products.  


A quarter of a hundred years of wood wisdom has made us a company you can always turn to if you need advice buying, selling or broking wood products. Or even if you have a new and interesting idea and need partner or adviser to help you!


Ulvar Kaubi, RMK Head of Timber Marketing Department of RMK

As a result of active and determined activities, Lignator who is based only on domestic capital, has become one of  RMK’s  ten largest timber buyers.

They have succeeded in intense international competition for many years  and the company is really worthy of its name.

Darren Weightman, Capital Hardwood & Components Ltd Director

I have dealt with Lignator Timber Ltd for many years now mainly through Kätlin Sütiste and her excellent team of staff.I have always found this company to be accurate with their information whilst being diligent and discreet in their dealings with Capital Hardwoods and Components Ltd.Lignator`s products are always of a high standard whilst being competitively priced. In my opinion Lignator are a credit to the industry and a totally trustworthy company. An absolute pleasure to deal with and long may our trading relationship last.

Neville Greenwood, KDM Manager

We have been doing business with Lignator Timber for around 10 years and it’s feels more like a partnership rather than a normal supplier/customer relationship.
Katlin and her team run a very professional business, buying pallet, birch and other timber products from a variety of loyal and good quality sawmills, which they have very close relationships with.
KDM’s business is all about providing our customer with the quality of product they require, at a competitive price with a regular on-going supply, this is exactly what we get from Lignator Timber.

Lignator Logistika

The clients of Lignator Logistika are hundreds of good lumberjacks throughout Estonia. Our wood terminals in Paldiski and southern Estonia always await our cooperation partners with good mood and good prices.

Take a look here at our valid buying-in prices at the Paldiski South Harbour. Do not make a decision in the case of larger quantities before you have called us. The larger the quantity the better the price.

Contact us to find out more about our FSC® certified products.

In South Harbour of Paldiski we purchase


Birch pulpwood
Aspen pulpwood
Spruce pulpwood
Conifer firewood
Pine pulpwood
Hardwood firewood


Tell us the quantity, approximate delivery time and price, and we’ll close the deal!

Paldiski: Kaimas Viimsalu +372 50 97 859
Lõuna-Eesti: Lauri Kärmas +372 50 70 225/ Margo Miks +372 50 53 381

Võru raudteejaam

Lauri Kärmas  tel: 50 70 225

Tsirguliina raudteejaam

Lauri Kärmas  tel: 50 70 225

Veriora raudteejaam

Lauri Kärmas tel: 5070225

Põlva raudteejaam

Margo Miks tel: 50 53 381

Reola raudteejaam

Margo Miks tel: 50 53 381

Paldiski Lõunasadam

Kaimas Viimsalu tel: 50 97 859

Lignator Timber

Lignator Timber is a loyal export assistant to many tens of Estonian timber producers. We find for wood valorised in Estonia, the best buyers on the world markets. Our quality wood is used to make pallets, armchairs, couches and other furniture, as well as fences and homes, from Europe to Asia.

We stand for that the production of our local sawmills, becomes a long term and lasting value, also in other countries of the world.

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FSC® certificate

Contact us to find out more about our FSC® certified products

Eesti Kaubandus- Tööstuskoda
Eesti Kaubandus- Tööstuskoda



Hardwood/softwood pallet material and packaking material

We buy pallet material from sawmills in Estonia which allows us to offer specifications
to suit our customers requirements.

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Material is produced from hardwood (aspen/alder/birch) and softwood (spruce/pine) , cut and packaged to length, mainly unseasoned. We can offer also HT 56/30 treated pallet material.

Standard pallet material:
• thickness: 14mm to 100mm
• width: 50mm to 150mm
• length: 500mm to 4200mm

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Birch sawn timber and for furniture industry

PAR Frame Grade (BC GRADE) Birch for furniture & upholserty  manufacture.

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PAR Birch we export to upholstery manufactures and other furniture producers. All production is
supplied from our Estonian sawmills.
Main specification is planed (PAR) Frame Grade Birch (BC grade) & sawn Asian grade (AB grade) ; 3 or 4 sides clear (A grade) sawn KD birch on request.
In Frame Grade we offer standard long lengths material & cut-to-length rails to manufacturers, also 2 or 4 eased edged material (S2S or S4S).
Frame grade is suitable for sofa and bedframes production.

Standard specification of Frame Grade (BC grade) PAR Birch:
Thickness: 24mm
Width: 24/ 35/ 46/ 57/ 70/ 95/ 120/ 145mm
Lengths: 500mm to 3200mm

ASIAN GRADE (A and AB grade)
AB grade is suitable for furniture parts/components, as well as for other smaller products which need knot free material.
In AB grade the redhert is not permitted on 3 sides, on 1 side very small redheart is allowed. The distance between the defects/knots has to be at least 50cm and the material has to give clear cuttings at least 70% of the length of the board.

Standard specification of Asian Grade (A grade and AB grade) sawn KD birch:
Thickness: 25 & 50mm (AB grade) ; 25 mm (A grade)
Width: 75/ 100/ 125/ 150mm
Length: 2100mm to 3200mm

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Construction timber spruce/pine

Construction timber we export according to availability and customer requirement. We can offer
Non Graded Unseasoned or Graded C16 Kiln Dried material.

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Standard sizes are:
Thickness: 22/ 47/ 75mm
Width: 75/ 100/ 125/ 150/ 175/ 200/ 225/ 250mm
Length: up to 6050 mm

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Lignator Timber OÜ

Rain Helde Lignator Logistika OÜ

Kätlin sütiste




Rain Helde Lignator Logistika OÜ

Kalev sild

Purchase manager



Kaimas Viimsalu Lignator Logistika OÜ

Madis Tamm

Purchase manager



Margo Miks Lignator Logistika OÜ

Jaana timofejev

Sales specialist



Lignator Logistika OÜ

Rain Helde Lignator Logistika OÜ

Rain Helde

Lignator Logistka manager



Rain Helde Lignator Logistika OÜ

Vivika Koplimaa

Accountant/Board Member



Rain Helde Lignator Logistika OÜ

Teemar kont

Business manager



Kaimas Viimsalu Lignator Logistika OÜ

Kaimas viimsalu

Paldiski terminal purchase manager



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Lauri Kärmas

Võru, Tsirguliina, Veriora  purchase manager



Margo Miks Lignator Logistika OÜ

Margo Miks

Reola, Põlva purchase manager



Tõnis Kiisa Lignator Logistika OÜ

Tõnis kiisa

Paldiski terminal foreman



Lignator AS

Toomas Soo Lignator AS

Toomas soo




Kaimas Viimsalu Lignator Logistika OÜ

Erle oolup

Finance manager/Board Member



Eed Maran Lignator AS

Eed maran

Office manager